National Cat Day

I guess its already been four years since Ray came into our lives. At the time, I wasn’t sure I could repeat the experience of having a pet, after our 16 year old cat, Pickles, moved on. He seemed so irreplaceable. And it turns out he was. My husband picked Ray out and before I […]

Plant Care

On a recent visit to my Los Angeles Public Library branch, I discovered a book from 1972 about plant care. I felt I had seen it before and my mother probably had this. She was obsessed with reading and collecting books (and plants). We had many. Nothing fancy, just tons of books. Some of my […]

My 2019 Reel

This is a small portion of my work of the past 4 years, mostly from Zoic Studios.   Everything here is done in Nuke. “Before” plates weren’t provided, as per current studio policy. If you want to see breakdowns, refer to my 2011 reel, from the golden era of plate-providing.   All images have captions […]