My 2019 Reel

This is a small portion of my work of the past 4 years, mostly from Zoic Studios.   Everything here is done in Nuke. “Before” plates weren’t provided, as per current studio policy. If you want to see breakdowns, refer to my 2011 reel, from the golden era of plate-providing.   All images have captions […]

Modern Mourning Jewelry

Good friends of mine recently and suddenly lost their wonderful friend and family member, a cool Samoyed dog. They reached out to ask for something they could wear to remember him. I knew I didn’t want to do anything corny that they (and I) would cringe over in a year, after the first wave of […]

Recent Commission: Bewitched!

Recently, I was commissioned to create three pendants for a customer’s Valentine’s Day gift to her daughters and their close friend. The brief was for something witchy, earthy and featuring large stones of jasper. We originally tried to find willow creek and bamboo imperial jasper but had no luck. Everything they liked ended up being […]

Kind of Blue

I have been gradually working on new designs since the shelter in place order came about, here in Los Angeles. One of them is the Comet pendant, which is made of sterling silver and copper. It features a sunstone cabochon that’s been bezel-set. The tail of the comet has black spinel, brilliant-cut, accent stones, that […]

The Panoramic View

Here we are, the first week of December already evaporating before our eyes. Is it just me or is time moving faster? Is a week now like a day? This year has been one of learning for me. Often, challenging in its ways, and hard to determine at times if I was making any progress. […]

We Deserve Good Things

I’m running a 10% off sale in my Etsy shop from now until December 2, 2019. Use the code IDESERVETHIS at checkout. When I look back at this year, I am shocked to see progress. While I was living through it, it felt like slow-motion running, in a dream. I would often, at night, wonder […]

What’s New?

I just finished my second Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles, held last weekend in LA State Historic Park. I had made a lot of new things for the event since I am never sure what the mood is going to be each time I sell in person. Sometimes, everyone wants rings. Sometimes, its all […]

Sneak Peek

I’m busy getting some new pieces finished for next weekend’s Renegade L.A. held in L.A. State Historic Park. I work very slowly, so it can take me a year (or longer) before I actually turn a drawing into a piece of jewelry. Often, I’m uncertain if anyone will like what I’m thinking about, but then […]

Come Visit Me

All these and much more will be at the Pasadena Arts and Crafts Show this Thursday through Sunday at the Hilton Pasadena. For more information visit www.artsandcraftsshow.com. Returning customers can enjoy a 10% discount.  And don’t forget, I offer free gift wrapping and use the most beautiful paper. See you there.